Monday, June 2, 2008

Caucus Confessions, this Blog is for the Obama Caucus Volunteers that Cheated.

Dear Obama Caucus Volunteer, eventually, Barack Obama will be asked about the cheating that went on in the Caucus States. The longer Barack Obama takes to address the Caucus State Cheating issue, the more harm will befall the democratic party.

If you decide to never confess about your cheating in the caucus states on behalf of Barack Obama, I can guarantee you you will be dropped like a hot rock by the Barack Obama group as soon as it is expedient to do so.

If you aren't one of the first to confess, you will find yourself in the unenviable position of not making a single dime from your behavior, yet you will be scorned nonetheless. While you sit and watch others who cheated get a book deal or movie made about them, all you will get is the scorn from the public because you didn't have the guts to admit you made a mistake by cheating.

You signed up as a volunteer for Barack Obama because he was to be the person to bring people together and to bring "change" to the political process. Cheating in the caucus state votes is not the way one brings change to the process. I wish you well if you decide to come out with your caucus cheating story as there is the possibility you will be confessing to someone who will actually want to cover up the story.

The longer you wait to confess, the more dangerous it will become to confess as people who you thought were your friends suddenly won't be watching your back, they will be the ones lurking behind you watching to see what you do next. By the way, the candidate you cheated, Hillary Clinton, has a husband that oversaw one of the best of economic times the United States has ever seen. It was the success of the 90's that may have led to your family being able to afford to send you to college.

It seems an awful way to repay the Clintons in 2008 when all they did in the past was lead the country to excellent economic times while remaining well liked the world over. If you aren't comfortable leaving your info just post anonymously in the comments section.


tyler said...

I've read a few of your posts they all seem opinionated and lack evidence to support your claims, would you cite evidence for your slander? Also, do you really think a person who sings "bomb, bomb, Iran" is what our country needs right now?

A.M. said...

f you read my topics I have stated over and over the mathematical evidence that statistically proves Barack Obama cheated in the Caucus State Voting.

Or, if you want the quickest proof, just check out

You'll instantly see a graphic that pretty much proves that something isn't right.