Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MSNBC Covering up Edwards, Richardson, Obama Caucus Cheating Angle???

MSNBC continues to assault Hillary Clinton all day long trying to get her to release her delegates.


Has such a television assault against a presidential candidate ever happened before to this magnitude? Who does MSNBC think they are to try and bring a presidential candidate down and force them to submit to their will! It is the most caustic and obnoxious abuse of the television airwaves I have ever witnessed. Maybe it's time to call the FBI in and investigate the fraud that went on in the caucus states as it appears that somebody is trying to tie up some loose ends as quickly as possible.

John Edwards former communications director Chris Kofinis is part of the MSNBC television assault against Hillary Clinton. If ever there was an insider who might know about what illegal activity that happened in the caucus states, it would be Chris Kofinis. Huffington Post "pundits" have been on all day chiming in that Hillary MUST QUIT AND GIVE UP HER DELEGATES. Huffington Post is allied with George Soros, the billionaire who appears to have way too much interest in this year's election.

I believe there is a DEMOCRATIC COUP going on. The FBI needs to get involved and do an investigation to see if these clowns are trying to cover up their illegal activity in the Iowa caucus and other caucus states election by getting Hillary Clinton to quit and make it a non issue. If Hillary quits, and then unquits, she will be made into a scapegoat. If Hillary doesn't quit, she will continue to be assaulted by MSNBC and Huffington Post, (and George Soros).

Always beware when a person is damned no matter what they do, it just might mean the fix is in by others with something to hide. This is smelling dirtier and dirtier by the hour.


eridon said...

Yes! Everyone I know is saying the same thing, but no one seems to be launching an investigation.

We need to call it in.

eridon said...

I heard that MSNBC is owned by Microsoft and GE; and they want to push Hillary out because she voted against Bush's energy bill. I heard this was a $6 billion energy bill, and GE would benefit.

I believe that because Hillary obviously is the only one in the USA who has the courage and capacity to stand up to big oil and the insurance industry, of course she is being pushed out and targeted.

While special interests are of course entitled to participate in a democracy, they cannot do it in illegal ways, like fixing, rigging, and stealing an election.

The voters have a right to decide and the voters in a democracy need REAL, unbiased news. I thought it was absolutely weird to watch reporters manipulate extremely biased news. It was like we were in a fascist country with a news blackout.