Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's Future Compromised by Volunteers Keeping Caucus Cheating a Secret.

I feel badly for the Obama support youth that actually undermined their own candidates future, by cheating for Barack Obama in the caucus states. The odds are quite high that the Republicans will out Obama and the cheating that his camp did in the caucus states. The Republicans will make a connection between religious spirituality and applying that Spirituality to ones daily life. Barack's confession, if it ever comes, will no doubt be too little to late as it will once again come only after he is caught.

The public actually knows the difference between confessing because one has been caught, and confessing before the mistake has been heavily publicized. Barack's only hope is to address these issues now rather than later.

The sad part is, Barack Obama was headed towards 8 years as Hillary Clinton's VP, and then 8 more years as president. 16 years of helping to guide the United States from the White House has been compromised into one failed run for the presidency. If Barack Obama loses this year, he probably won't get another legitimate chance to run simply because he will be known as the biggest all time spender, and loser, and confessor after he was caught cheating in the primaries.

If you want real change, change the way our candidates are nominated. YOU actually took part in the cheating, and in the process you may have destroyed Barack Obama's future chances to be in the White House.

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