Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To our Future Great Budding Journalism Stars....Where were you when Barack Obama's Side was Cheating in the Caucus State Voting?

To our Future Great Budding Journalism Stars.... Where are you? You may never get as great of an opportunity to make a name for yourself as interviewing those on the Obama side involved in Caucus Cheating. I'm not suggesting anyone go out of their way looking for people who cheated in the Caucus campaigns, but the person who actually gets to interview a Caucus Cheater and bring their story out into the light, will have come up with a remarkable journalistic piece.

A candidate should not lure the youth of our society by proclaiming to be about change and the rejection of old school politics while actually engaging in that very same practice themselves.

The truth shall set us all free. You can leave an anonymous comment here if you are reluctant to use your real name. Ironically, if Barack Obama first acknowledges the cheating before Denver, it could actually extend his political career, first as Hillary Clinton's VP, then as president.

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