Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton PostCard Protest Launch Date Nears.

Within a few days from now, you will be able to order Hillary Clinton Protest Post Cards.

Every postcard has a meaningful and relevant message about why Hillary Clinton should be the democratic nominee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking Hillary Clinton's Name off of the Ballot in Denver PROVES the Democratic Party has Something to Hide.

If the democrats had nothing to hide, all the delegates in Denver would vote for their first choice for president. Then a decision would be agreed upon, and there would be a revote. However, the democratic party appears to be so worried over information coming out of drunken Obama delegates mouths, they are trying to end the race now.

I consider this an act of Obstruction of Justice. While it may be difficult to prove Obstructing Justice is the reason the DNC wants the race completely over now, rather than in Denver, it sure looks suspiciously like the DNC is trying to cover up some hidden truths that may come out of the mouth of Obama babes celebrating in Denver.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert Passes.

Please leave a Tim Russert remembrance if you have one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fair Reflection Protest Movement.

Please click on the link below to learn about the Fair Reflection Protest Movement.
Fair Reflection Protest Movement

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yes, I believe in Fair Reflection, Do You?

The visual below illustrates the concept of "Fair Reflection". When voters vote in a primary and have all day to vote, and vote in the privacy of a voting booth, the vote totals for that particular state more accurately reflect the will of the popular vote. This is called Fair Reflection.The South Dakota PRIMARY clearly illustrates that when voters have all day to vote, and vote in the privacy of a voting booth, Hillary runs much closer in Barack Obama's strongest region, the Great Plain States. Barack built his delegate lead through caucus voting that dominated the Great Plain States earlier this year.
Above is the ridiculous margin of victory for Barack Obama in the Idaho Caucus that had nothing to do with reality, but much to do with cheating. Certainly mimics the very style of Old School politicking that Barack Obama claims he would "change". Below is the Result of the Idaho Primary, notice how much closer the final results are?
The Primary vote reveals a much closer 56%-37% margin of victory, Barack Obama's ridiculously unrepresentative win from the caucus vote was a 70%-17% margin of victory. Hillary enjoyed a 440% increase in her vote total in the primary vote, Barack Obama had a 140% increase in his primary vote total. The Primary Vote swing is 43% in Hillary's favor.

Up Above is the Nebraska Primary and Caucus Results. After losing in the Nebraska Caucus by a 68% to 32% margin of victory, Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap losing by only two percentage points, 49% to 47% in the Nebraska Primary. The Nebraska primary vote represents a 38% shift in the popularity of both candidates towards Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Primary offers almost an identical shift in numbers as the Nebraska primary. Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap from an unrealistic 68%-31% margin of victory in the Washington Caucus to 51% to 46% in the Washington Primary. The shift in popularity is 32% towards Hillary Clinton. (I recall these numbers used to be 50%-47%, but we'll go with the 51%-46%).

Yes, I believe in Fair Reflection, unfortunately other than a few intellectuals on Hillary Clinton's side, such as Harold Ickies, the phrase Fair Reflection is meaningless to the democratic party higher ups.

New Blog from Alessandro Machi, WALL STREET CHANGE, is now Online.

Wall Street Change

While the George Soros / Arianna Huffington led Media Attack against Hillary Clinton appears to be succeeding, I think it important to not lose sight of issues that affect every american on a daily level.

Wall Street fascinates me.

I understand that Wall Street represents a link to the global business community, but is the Wall Street Status quo acceptable to americans who are seeing their local economy suffer as a result?

When Wall Street Stock rises because a fortune 500 company reduces american labor force, even when that labor force was not actually losing the company money, it becomes clear that Wall Street's agenda is different from that which is decent for the american citizen. I'd like Wall Street Change to be a place where we build simple ideas into simple solutions that maybe one day get incorporated by Wall Street.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton being bribed by the Democratic Party to Quit?

Is Hillary Clinton being bribed by the Democratic Party to Quit? It sure seems that way. The leverage being used probably is based on Hillary Clinton's campaign debt. "If you quit now", the democratic higher ups may be saying, "we will pay off your debt, if you don't, then we won't."

There is absolutely no reason for Hillary Clinton to quit now, or two weeks from now, or anytime before Denver. Anytime someone is rushed into a decision, one might want to look for the underbelly (an Entourage reference), and ask, why.

My theory if the democratic party has paid off Hillary Clinton's campaign debt, it becomes harder for Hillary Clinton to say anything about caucus fraud should additional information be released about caucus cheating that I think went on in several democratic caucus races across the country,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MSNBC Covering up Edwards, Richardson, Obama Caucus Cheating Angle???

MSNBC continues to assault Hillary Clinton all day long trying to get her to release her delegates.


Has such a television assault against a presidential candidate ever happened before to this magnitude? Who does MSNBC think they are to try and bring a presidential candidate down and force them to submit to their will! It is the most caustic and obnoxious abuse of the television airwaves I have ever witnessed. Maybe it's time to call the FBI in and investigate the fraud that went on in the caucus states as it appears that somebody is trying to tie up some loose ends as quickly as possible.

John Edwards former communications director Chris Kofinis is part of the MSNBC television assault against Hillary Clinton. If ever there was an insider who might know about what illegal activity that happened in the caucus states, it would be Chris Kofinis. Huffington Post "pundits" have been on all day chiming in that Hillary MUST QUIT AND GIVE UP HER DELEGATES. Huffington Post is allied with George Soros, the billionaire who appears to have way too much interest in this year's election.

I believe there is a DEMOCRATIC COUP going on. The FBI needs to get involved and do an investigation to see if these clowns are trying to cover up their illegal activity in the Iowa caucus and other caucus states election by getting Hillary Clinton to quit and make it a non issue. If Hillary quits, and then unquits, she will be made into a scapegoat. If Hillary doesn't quit, she will continue to be assaulted by MSNBC and Huffington Post, (and George Soros).

Always beware when a person is damned no matter what they do, it just might mean the fix is in by others with something to hide. This is smelling dirtier and dirtier by the hour.

To our Future Great Budding Journalism Stars....Where were you when Barack Obama's Side was Cheating in the Caucus State Voting?

To our Future Great Budding Journalism Stars.... Where are you? You may never get as great of an opportunity to make a name for yourself as interviewing those on the Obama side involved in Caucus Cheating. I'm not suggesting anyone go out of their way looking for people who cheated in the Caucus campaigns, but the person who actually gets to interview a Caucus Cheater and bring their story out into the light, will have come up with a remarkable journalistic piece.

A candidate should not lure the youth of our society by proclaiming to be about change and the rejection of old school politics while actually engaging in that very same practice themselves.

The truth shall set us all free. You can leave an anonymous comment here if you are reluctant to use your real name. Ironically, if Barack Obama first acknowledges the cheating before Denver, it could actually extend his political career, first as Hillary Clinton's VP, then as president.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's Future Compromised by Volunteers Keeping Caucus Cheating a Secret.

I feel badly for the Obama support youth that actually undermined their own candidates future, by cheating for Barack Obama in the caucus states. The odds are quite high that the Republicans will out Obama and the cheating that his camp did in the caucus states. The Republicans will make a connection between religious spirituality and applying that Spirituality to ones daily life. Barack's confession, if it ever comes, will no doubt be too little to late as it will once again come only after he is caught.

The public actually knows the difference between confessing because one has been caught, and confessing before the mistake has been heavily publicized. Barack's only hope is to address these issues now rather than later.

The sad part is, Barack Obama was headed towards 8 years as Hillary Clinton's VP, and then 8 more years as president. 16 years of helping to guide the United States from the White House has been compromised into one failed run for the presidency. If Barack Obama loses this year, he probably won't get another legitimate chance to run simply because he will be known as the biggest all time spender, and loser, and confessor after he was caught cheating in the primaries.

If you want real change, change the way our candidates are nominated. YOU actually took part in the cheating, and in the process you may have destroyed Barack Obama's future chances to be in the White House.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Caucus Confessions, this Blog is for the Obama Caucus Volunteers that Cheated.

Dear Obama Caucus Volunteer, eventually, Barack Obama will be asked about the cheating that went on in the Caucus States. The longer Barack Obama takes to address the Caucus State Cheating issue, the more harm will befall the democratic party.

If you decide to never confess about your cheating in the caucus states on behalf of Barack Obama, I can guarantee you you will be dropped like a hot rock by the Barack Obama group as soon as it is expedient to do so.

If you aren't one of the first to confess, you will find yourself in the unenviable position of not making a single dime from your behavior, yet you will be scorned nonetheless. While you sit and watch others who cheated get a book deal or movie made about them, all you will get is the scorn from the public because you didn't have the guts to admit you made a mistake by cheating.

You signed up as a volunteer for Barack Obama because he was to be the person to bring people together and to bring "change" to the political process. Cheating in the caucus state votes is not the way one brings change to the process. I wish you well if you decide to come out with your caucus cheating story as there is the possibility you will be confessing to someone who will actually want to cover up the story.

The longer you wait to confess, the more dangerous it will become to confess as people who you thought were your friends suddenly won't be watching your back, they will be the ones lurking behind you watching to see what you do next. By the way, the candidate you cheated, Hillary Clinton, has a husband that oversaw one of the best of economic times the United States has ever seen. It was the success of the 90's that may have led to your family being able to afford to send you to college.

It seems an awful way to repay the Clintons in 2008 when all they did in the past was lead the country to excellent economic times while remaining well liked the world over. If you aren't comfortable leaving your info just post anonymously in the comments section.