Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking Hillary Clinton's Name off of the Ballot in Denver PROVES the Democratic Party has Something to Hide.

If the democrats had nothing to hide, all the delegates in Denver would vote for their first choice for president. Then a decision would be agreed upon, and there would be a revote. However, the democratic party appears to be so worried over information coming out of drunken Obama delegates mouths, they are trying to end the race now.

I consider this an act of Obstruction of Justice. While it may be difficult to prove Obstructing Justice is the reason the DNC wants the race completely over now, rather than in Denver, it sure looks suspiciously like the DNC is trying to cover up some hidden truths that may come out of the mouth of Obama babes celebrating in Denver.


Angelo said...

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grather said...

Check out Bonnie Erbe's article on "Obama's Fundraising Hypocrisy"